Sean Boyd

Sean has been scouting NHL prospects since 2020 but has been following the NHL closely since 2014. He's been a die-hard Montreal Canadiens fan since birth. He's played hockey all his life but always enjoyed watching games just as much as playing in them. His player niche falls with "undersized", high-motor, intelligent players. Next year, he will be attending McGill University where he will be pursuing a degree in the field of Data Science.

Greysen Goudy

Greysen has been scouting NHL draft prospects since 2020 but became serious about his love for scouting in the past year. He has played hockey from the age of 4 and has been obsessed with the game all along the way. Greysen is the head of Russian scouting for NES and he prioritizes and enjoys scouting European hockey. Outside of hockey, he is currently studying Statistics and Data Science at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

Kaeden Ireland

Kaeden is an 18 year old first year university student at uOttawa, where he studies marketing. He grew up in Toronto as a Leafs fan. He enjoys watching all regions of hockey but focuses on CHL players with New Era Scouting. Kaeden got into scouting in 2020 and further got into it in 2021. Currently, his favorite hockey player is Stanislav Svozil and his independent hockey account is @ncr_hockey.

Jérémi Plourde

Jérémi has actively gotten into scouting more than a year ago, but has been a hockey fan his entire life and has been very fascinated with developing young players for a long time. During his free time, he watches some tape of players from every leagues, but with NES, he focuses on the CHL. Jérémi is also a QMJHL scout for McKeen's. Outside of hockey, he will attend the law faculty of Université de Montréal (University of Montréal) by next fall.

David Phillips

David has been interested in the NHL draft since 2020, and started his scouting account in 2021. David has always been interested in the management side of hockey, and is expecting to go to Brock Univ. for sport management. David has played hockey since he was 5, and goalie since he was 9. At NES, he is in the goalie scout role, but also enjoys scouting somewhat obscure prospects.

Éloi Biondo